Main cast:

Tychus Montenegro - CN

36 - Human - Willowhowl

"Aw hell...!"

Bad temper and sensitive trigger finger, Tychus brings self serving justice to whatever town he visits. Fueled by his hatred for injustice, Tychus and his loyal guns Suzanne and Carmen travel the land hunting for bounty and drinking whisky. Good thing the world never seems to run out of either of them.



Brillante Victoria - LG

54 - Gnome - Diminylvania

"It is I..."

Brillante Victoria, champion of Pantane, and son of Diminulvania,...!


More to be added...!



Ekaf A'menay - LN

121 - Drow - North Cave

"I don't hear the difference..."

A drow on the escape from his past, Ekaf left home in a hurry one day as his mind snapped out of what can only be described as years of mental control by his parents. Now traveling with the team, Ekaf hopes he never has to see the face of his vengeful ex-fiance Beatrixe...



Elizabeth Von Cuddlesworth III

Dire Corgi - Diminylvania


Elizabeth Von Cuddelsworth the III. Pup of Buttons the III. Bred on the hills of Albacorgi. The Loayl and noble steed of Brillante Victoria, and the destroyer of squirrels.



Ruby Indranna - NG

99 - Tiefling - Albacorgi

"At once, sir."

After years of slavery, Ruby was one day whisked away by a drow who became Ruby's new master, or "Boss" as he prefers it. While helping her team with whatever spells she can pull out of her hat, Ruby tries to find herself and figure out what freedom truly is.



Removed cast:

Alizon Bathory - CG

19 - Changeling - Oxa


Adopted into a loving family, Alizon grew up embracing life and people. Only downside was that she grew up in a little town named Oxa where money was not used, and as Saniai sent her to a quest to Haven, she soon had to learn that the world was bigger and far more advanced in it's ways than she thought.





Half Orc

Lilith is strict as a tavern owner, but fair when it comes to accepting travelers. As a half orc herself, Lilith opens her doors to all people from all races, but will show her ugly side if you cause problems.

First meeting




Even with his head filled with fumes, Clark is a determined salesman and a professional alchemist. He travels with Junior through out the land making sure his team never runs out of supplies, towns folk stay healthy and his coin purse never shows its bottom.

First meeting


Alisha Deerwood


With keen sense of character, Alisha immediately knew she could trust our party to rescue her father from a group of mean and scary bullies... So she picked up her toys, folded down her fortress and sent the party out on their very first mission!

First meeting


Jacques Deerwood Jr (aka Junior)

Half Orc

Big, strong and a loving father, Junior travels the land playing music, kicking ass and witnessing the wonders while he still can.

First meeting

Raider Dungeon in Oasis


Cat folk

Silent and deadly, Elliott travels with Junior's party to pay off her dept, while making it very clear to the world that this cat still has its' claws.

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