about TTGB

Tune in to witness Brillante Victoria, Tychus Montenegro, Alizon Bathory, Ruby Indranna and Ekaf A'menay join forces on a journey across the continent of Goulinn.


Together, this band of misfit heroes will encounter everything from common bandits and slave rings, to monsters and dragons, and even the gods themselves.


The Tabletop Garage Band is a Pathfinder-based podcast featuring the vocal talents of Jacob House, Matthew Montano, (Noah Pilbeam,) and John and Hanna Sproul.


The game utilizes a 25-point buy system, for those of you keeping track, and follows an original story utilizing all manner of Paizo publications, some third party resources and of course, original homebrew content.

Meet The Team

Jacob House

As the man of positive thinking, Jacob brings his amazing attitude to every horrible, nightmare twisted and oozing destruction in this game! Seriously, his positivity will astound you!

Noah Pilbeam

(Season 1)

This guy~

The GM - Game Master

Hanna Sproul

As the woman originating from the land of Finland, Hanna brings an interesting twist to this story world by writing her own deities, inventing her own cultural race details and illustrating all the character.

John Sproul

As the spouse of the GM, the wielder of the rule book and the pun master, John makes sure every session is strict, fair and fun!

Matthew Montano

As the man of many voices and the pun partner of John, Matt makes sure the sessions never get boring!